Verses untold remain posit Like my oatmeal in the bowl. Morning has come when it was to Ascending of afternoon has started. The lorn lonely words finding sentence Like the dotted butterfly flying over leaves. বাটির তলানিতে যেমন পড়ে আছে ওটমিল চুপকবিতারা পড়ে আছে সে’ভাবে। সকাল এসেছিল নিজের মতো দুপুরের অবতরণ আরম্ভ হয় গেছে। রঙিন…… Continue reading Lorn/নির্বাসিত


the existence of silence can be found in depth of– the stars; dead sparkling light enchanting. the life can be found throbbing in the bell jar; light, pale golden silver, of moon is hazed blue (from here). memories of past, bygone hoods changing shape with times–sometimes fireflies, sometimes shapeless abstract figures… the bray of heart,…… Continue reading Fireflies