Wish You’re Here…

  The nights are windy here. The coldness that engulf me now is not the temperature of here. It is of your absence. The only thing that keeping me warm is your presence in memories. I can smell the perfume of yours, though musty but still I can sense you. I miss those nights when…… Continue reading Wish You’re Here…


-1- (the clock shows it’s quarter past twelve) The moon is yellow on the sleeping, though awaken, city neon sky The crescent it is. The streets are halogen in color; they’re empty Like today’s page of my diary. A car whoosh as a word crossed my mind Disappearing behind my line of sight into the darkness…… Continue reading Night

Quintet (Clerihew)

Another interesting prompt–Clerihew. It’s a whimsical, four-line biographical poem. So, as a Bengali and as Indian we have few colorful characters. I’m taking my takes on four such personalities and a popular animated character to write clerihews on. I’ve also attached few line bio on each character to know them better along with events or…… Continue reading Quintet (Clerihew)

The Echo of the Vale (Haibun)

The moon for long is curtain by the clouds. Its glow can be though feel as an outline for the clouds. The travellers speed up their movements. They has heard of some unnatural phenomenon going for a last couple of months. Did you hear that…one ask another in shaken whisper voice. Another nod his head in negative.…… Continue reading The Echo of the Vale (Haibun)