Dawn (Haiku)

  dark blue wane calmness of night washing away each bit slowly softly A-Z Challenge Day#4: D for Dawn

Mango (Haiku)

  early April young morn mango swing in wind cuckoo hop for the taste test A-Z Challenge: C for Cuckoo

The Blue Marooned Enchantress (Prose Poem)

The day was hot. Though, by the calendar, Summer not due now; it’s few days left to bid Spring. The eve is, thus, cold comparatively with a mad wind scrambling my hair, her hair. For long we’re stealing the glance at each other. We don’t know each other, obviously. I stood up, I need a cigarette. I search…


Any day you can’t see the crow which has a notable white stripe over the protruded beak and a queer round head, two or three or a dense bunch of hair brushing the breeze of the late cloudy noon. Yes, a late cloudy noon or early summer morn or autumnal eve it comes and sit…