The Blue Marooned Enchantress (Prose Poem)

The day was hot. Though, by the calendar, Summer not due now; it's few days left to bid Spring. The eve is, thus, cold comparatively with a mad wind scrambling my hair, her hair. For long we're stealing the glance at each other. We don't know each other, obviously. I stood up, I need a cigarette. I search … Continue reading The Blue Marooned Enchantress (Prose Poem)


Award Free & Guest Post

Hmmm....I want to say few things...actually, let start it...   Last few weeks, I had been nominated for two awards--one was Cramm Award by The Flittering Soul and another Versatile Blogger Award (I had lost the track who had nominated me for this). I had thought many words, many comments to write the acceptance … Continue reading Award Free & Guest Post