Exhausted and Spent

the air smelled nicotine the environ rhythmed with fan the room, lorn one, curtained dimmed. I lay looking at the ceiling the fan with flying curtain creating a shade a mixture of colors of wall, street and– overcast May sky. I’m here, but, I’m really here… the moment, the silence that I lay in is…… Continue reading Exhausted and Spent

A Summer Soft Morning Page

the morning has been long ago here it is Sunday, so, calm & compose posit in environ. the curtain of my southern windows playing waves splashing on my face–bare no spectacles and the wind flowing on my chest. no complain, no sadness, no blue or jarred feelings. softness of summer morning sun spread in the…… Continue reading A Summer Soft Morning Page

27th March (Confessional Poem)

the shirt that you had gifted…the light purple check shirt…I don’t wear that a’more… the tee that you had gifted…red in color…which you had put on my naked body– on my birthday…I don’t wore that a’more…then there’re a black tee, a white shirt… I don’t wore any of them…how can I…all of them carry the…… Continue reading 27th March (Confessional Poem)