Lost Hymn and Hibiscus

To My Dida (Gran’ma)… The plot is there but the house had been rebuilt. No one chant hundred and eight names of Krishna rounding the house anymore in the morning; and collect flowers for the morning puja. The plants are there maybe; last time I saw them, I touched them was two years ago. They…… Continue reading Lost Hymn and Hibiscus

The Crow on the Railing

When I was kid at the school I saw, one day, a body wrapped in woolen rug Lying by the side of the road just down the bridge where I used to take turn to my home. There was a body we, me and my friends, know very well. But, we don’t know what would…… Continue reading The Crow on the Railing

Man & God

National Poem Writing Month Day#20: Write a poem taking its cue from Notley’s rebelliousness, and asks you to write a poem that involves rebellion in some way.    You call yourself a man? Why? Because, you’re alpha by tradition from the time we know of, we can only imagine of In the books of research call history…… Continue reading Man & God


The original poem is being taken from the book Wings of Poetry: Layers of Life (2018) by my fellow blogger admirer Meenakshidi (Sethi) who has also become my second Elder Sister. The poem name is “Till This Cycle Breaks”, and it goes like this– From five elements to ashes to non-existent form in atmospheric realm to again…… Continue reading Moment