An Obituary for Neeraj Vora


Echo of What’s

(What's there) 'ween existence & existence of existence; Time imitating time to create a new time Or day rotating to conceive to-day, tomorrow, yester-day. (What's there) 'ween this moment, and next moment phoenexed from it Creation of creation of illusion or our wish visualized Or cycle of cycle of all surroundings & happenings around us... … Continue reading Echo of What’s

The Morning That Was Serene & Melancholy

On 27th November 2016, I had posted my first poem here ( the second one was written). On the anniversary evening, re-posting it for my existing as well as new followers.  It was a beautiful journey I will say. Thanks to all especially Meenakshidi (Sethi), Sushmitadi (Mukherjee) [who is missing for last few months], and also to Gina … Continue reading The Morning That Was Serene & Melancholy


Between accepting the denial and denying the acceptance Life is moving as winter river, slowly and steadily cutting the ice. I'm aged old young soul thinking of nothingness not fullness. The swan song had been sung and its tune still the breeze hum. Revenant is the existence; warming body from flake of extinguished-- Time; possession … Continue reading Blank