The Lost Rhythm & a Young Aged Author

Somewhere I had read, or might have listened, a musician never retired; he just leaves the stage to find the rhythm again. This cafe when started, I was the most excited one being part of it. And I'm still. Read the full post at Go Dog Go Cafe. [click]  

অন্য একদিন

তুমি নেই বলে ক্লান্ত চুলে আঙ্গুল চলেনা কারুর তুমি নেই বলে রাত্রির অন্ধকার ফ্যাকাশে (আর) নিস্তব্ধতা নিঃসঙ্গ। পরবাস শহরের বুকে, মুখচোরা ইচ্ছেরা; স্মৃতিরা আছড়ে পড়ে শিশির হয়ে হেমন্তের ভোর আমার মুখ। তুমি নেই বলে উষ্ণতাহীন ভোরের প্রথমালো তুমি নেই বলে...থাক আজ নয় আর-- অন্য কোনদিন।

Saudade II

1. Deep down where the heart rhythm Words taking their birth. The melancholic tune finding a note To be on the sheet music. 2. My old beloved Kolkata shrouding in The young autumn mist. Parapet of cornices bordered by the-- Misty crescent moonlight. 3. Brokenness of the promises splintered Waiting to get scattered. Black of... Continue Reading →


Moon deny darkness...night silver Silence deny whirled & whistle We deny arguments...for(the)ever redefined Autumn deny love...words sigh long-deep Room deny darkness...walls halogen-yellow Deny Available at Amazon


the existence of silence can be found in depth of-- the stars; dead sparkling light enchanting. the life can be found throbbing in the bell jar; light, pale golden silver, of moon is hazed blue (from here). memories of past, bygone hoods changing shape with times--sometimes fireflies, sometimes shapeless abstract figures... the bray of heart,... Continue Reading →

Blank Darkness

Slowly softly night sipping in My vein as if river passing in Through a narrow throat of-- Mountain. The beats of heart Throbbing, sign of me alive. Night will get deepest in its own; The cry of mother losing her-- Eldest son, the sobbing of sister Losing her only brother will pass Not unheard; silence... Continue Reading →

Affair of a Trivial Sunday Morning

A different pattern of poem writing I tried. There was a silence I found self lieng in. A silence that was rising from the waking up Sunday drooling bypass below, running infront house; A silence that was loiterring over the vale of Sweat soaked long-used mattress or is it this Monotonous humdrumed life that's basking... Continue Reading →

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