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Mid-Night Waltz

Slowly softly let’s dance in mid-night silence

Let our breaths draw all the quietude from the moments.

Put your lips down there; (let) your breasts rest on my thighs.

Release me from this storm and settle me between your lips.

Don’t you worry my Quinn; I’ll free you too sooner not later.

I’ll surrender to you; not a bit of your body will miss my breath.

Release me before I lie you down to slide my mouth down.

On the Quill

I’ll kiss the quill on the back beside the strap

Before I free your dark ebony hair

And turn you around to kiss your lips.

I will keep my mouth on the quill 

As I undress you slowly.

No, don’t worry when I’ll love you–

I’ll be in front of you; enveloping you–

Letting you moan inside my mouth–

(Letting you) Pull to you by my waist…

My breath of ectasy will fall on the quill;

You’ll have my fingers on you any where you prefer…you choose…