Infusing The young night With your exhiliration. Traversing From faith at your nape To the mole on your Cupid's bow. Down Streaming your body I'm mountain river, you're its bed. Erosional Your dress from this evening; Wave Your untied hairs, your exstacy As I splash on your warm skin.



morning is here on the headboard emptiness with October morn breeze brushing me while the clouded sun bask me, my bare parts of sweaty body. you're also here as anger as desperation as reason of turmoil inside soul under the waist inside the nightshort. sun rays collaged on my body as hand replicates the warmth … Continue reading Muse…


I had been writing this for the challenge that was held by Christine back in May…but, couldn’t submit due to my laptop being out of service…so posting it for the Saturday Midnight series where I’m trying to write Erotic Poem…

Thoughts of Words

The full moon has made her fair skin silver; the beads of sweat seems to be glistening

I looked at her eyes in a never dropped way.

She’s holding me by my waist with her legs

We both were panting, we both satiated.

The summer night breeze hid the moon, her round face becomes hazed one

Is it the moon ate the dark or the dark ate the moon, she whispered in an aloof voice

(And) Before, I can reply she caught my lips and dragged by her teeth

The clutch at waist tightened as I move inside her once more–my hands on her breasts

The moon shone again; trespassing through window

On our naked body and over the bed

When I release. We both moan.

The clutch at waist loosened;

I fall on her breast.

Is it the moon eat the dark or the dark eat the moon, she whispers catching…

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