Late Morning Drool

This transient period between the morning and the noon is the laziest one. The vehicles that have been honking, since morning, rather blurting out their heart screaming their mechanical nasal warning (or distress) shrilled sound, now seems to be tired. The office-goers that are going now seems to be not in hurry, but, they are…… Continue reading Late Morning Drool

My Memories of Her (Kamishibai): A Collaborative Project

In Collaboration with my dear Lady Henry Chirashree. The story was written by her. “The view is breathtaking!” my wife said being excited. monsoon sun bid long ago sea roar clouds at horizon lighthouse the white horse neigh I remain silent. The sea is tumultuous and the evening sky is black like the night for the gathering of…… Continue reading My Memories of Her (Kamishibai): A Collaborative Project

The Echo of the Vale (Haibun)

The moon for long is curtain by the clouds. Its glow can be though feel as an outline for the clouds. The travellers speed up their movements. They has heard of some unnatural phenomenon going for a last couple of months. Did you hear that…one ask another in shaken whisper voice. Another nod his head in negative.…… Continue reading The Echo of the Vale (Haibun)