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Silently the Rain Spreads

silently the rain spreads

washing the words away

left under the whisper

left to be forgotten.

sitting on the grill

of southern windows

wet sparrow chirps

deepening quietitude

of the words not spoken yet…


Moments Dissolved…

Moments dissolved for another moment

We hung to the silence as we have always

I yearn to say how much I want to talk to you

But I can’t because of your afterwards.

The shadow of time thus shades my thoughts

As I witness the shadow to become a poem

That will be not written not be spoken of…

Poem from a Sick Poet

The morning was bright sunned

All that my sick body & bed want.

Now, it is murky & cloudy

Evening is not so far as rain seems.

I need a sleep I know very well

But, how can I…am scare…

Scare of dreaming her again

Head in her lap & she comb my hair.

Though it helps me to sleep,

But, sometimes I want to sleep…

Just sleep not dreaming

Either her or a random dawn–

Walking down the beach–

With my pet, dead long ago,–

In the tow…I just want to be asleep…