On the slab of my southern windows they sat and chirped Telling it’s time, and we are here. They dance, they prance on the patterned grills– grabbing the attention, you can say. They chirp, they dance letting the world know– we are still here. Once, not long ago, they have disappeared just to return. They […]

Into the Kalbaisakhi

Dida used to say the sky is performing deyala. The clouds formed up in the corner of the sky, and the wind breath like last breathe, Naturally unnaturally the darkness descend bringing the night in early, when there should be sun on the crescendo at the city summer sky (or) when the sun is getting […]

A Summer Morning Pentatonic

Things Needed for Repairing the Nest Last Saturday, the two had sat on the electric wire. Distance between them was grabbing attention in the night halogened darkness. Their nest had been damaged by the twin evening storms. This morning the male crow working on the nest again while female crow awaits on another branch dancing […]

Few Minutes Away From Ten O’Clock

i Looking from a window above, it’s like a story of love; can you hear me. [1] All are busy, all are in their own worlds, in their thoughts. Oh think twice, ’cause it’s another day for you and me in paradise. [2] ii The sun is shining high on the summer sky; rain has […]