Here I Am…

How long I have not been here….you all have forgotten me…or has given up on me…this post is a bit of what I am up to… On the other side of the road the organizer is playing “তখন তোমার একুশ বছর…” (You might be twenty-one that time…) The song was composed by Bappi Lahiri and…… Continue reading Here I Am…

Just a “Hello”

Yeah, yeah. I know I have not been here after the April National Poem Writing Month. Many of you have already forgotten me or have stopped to follow this blog. Few days back though during an update few of my untitled incomplete Bengali poems had got posted making me realized sometimes incomplete is the complete.…… Continue reading Just a “Hello”

Lost Hymn and Hibiscus

To My Dida (Gran’ma)… The plot is there but the house had been rebuilt. No one chant hundred and eight names of Krishna rounding the house anymore in the morning; and collect flowers for the morning puja. The plants are there maybe; last time I saw them, I touched them was two years ago. They…… Continue reading Lost Hymn and Hibiscus

It or Eat: Bacon to Lost Weights

For more than a year, my fiance asking me to lose it in my ears. The wetty (is it weighty) extras seems to be a lead, not letting me to lead to loose. Exercising her right of love, she let me to exercise every morning– Adjusting my time to write, Making my drowsiness of the…… Continue reading It or Eat: Bacon to Lost Weights

Few Minutes Away From Ten O’Clock

i Looking from a window above, it’s like a story of love; can you hear me. [1] All are busy, all are in their own worlds, in their thoughts. Oh think twice, ’cause it’s another day for you and me in paradise. [2] ii The sun is shining high on the summer sky; rain has…… Continue reading Few Minutes Away From Ten O’Clock