Dedicated to Bram Stoker... -- when the sky will be silver, and the mango tree will suspire the breeze, that's when I'll come to you like the ebb tide touches the bank, dry, on the full moon with passion. a nomad I've been for so many centuries; hiding and surviving anyhow and now I'm going... Continue Reading →

Beside You [100-Word]

"Hey hon, do you remember that picture...the picture you had shown me last week at the doctor's chamber...the one from the travel magazine...a man and a woman standing by the Lake...what was it name...the name was..." " had said to be quiet...don't stress yourself...and I do remember the picture...but, not the name of the Lake..."... Continue Reading →

Smile [100-Word]

I opened my wallet for tenth time or eleventh--I've lost count; there are not much there. The rumor was true now it seems; the market crashed and many are kicked out; when I'll be paid my salary or whether it will happen sooner, no surety of it. I had called her telling I'll be late,... Continue Reading →


Written for 100-Word Wednesday #96 Organized by Bikurgurl... It was their anniversary and he had forgotten it. Call from his sister made him recollect that. He opened his mobile banking app and calculates the balance—there’ll be another session of chemo next week and there four more, they come with medication, fees for the hospital and... Continue Reading →

The Night We Waltz

Shadow tales       broken clouds       light of the stars--dead and alive. Poem for the day does not come to me 'cause night holds this magic Hymned with your voices and longing for you. To-night I want to dance with you under the stars hazed in this city-sky The Song will be the... Continue Reading →


  (That day the rain had halted                                                             (after two and a half days of drizzle and torrential)) The words are hanging on the clothesline;     they... Continue Reading →


  National Poem Writing Month 2018 Day#22: Write a poem taking one of the following statements of something impossible, and then write a poem in which the impossible thing happens: The sun can’t rise in the west. A circle can’t have corners. Pigs can’t fly. The clock can’t strike thirteen. The stars cannot rearrange themselves in... Continue Reading →


Don't smile looking at me, the weak tired heart says. Don't talk to me while untangling your hair, the lorn soul murmured. Don't walk beside me, the scared another me shouted silently. The longing to talk to her is more than the need-- Of thoughts for a poem, But we talk like pigeons feasting on... Continue Reading →


Infusing The young night With your exhiliration. Traversing From faith at your nape To the mole on your Cupid's bow. Down Streaming your body I'm mountain river, you're its bed. Erosional Your dress from this evening; Wave Your untied hairs, your exstacy As I splash on your warm skin.

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