Mid-Night Waltz

Slowly softly let's dance in mid-night silence Let our breaths draw all the quietude from the moments. Put your lips down there; (let) your breasts rest on my thighs. Release me from this storm and settle me between your lips. Don't you worry my Quinn; I'll free you too sooner not later. I'll surrender to... Continue Reading →

Ya’aburnee [Katauta]

savoring your presence keeping me on thine lips as cloud shadow full moon --xx-- https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/savor/ --------------------------------------------------------------- Title is metamorphic expressing the feeling of "miss you..." in a different light. --------------------------------------------------------------

A Waltz [Twittering Love Story]

He sees the sparkle in her eyes when Elvis starts It's Now or Never, like that evening of '67, he asks her for a dance... [121 Characters] The portion between the commas is used to bridge the two connected events. Twittering Tale #40  

On the Quill

I'll kiss the quill on the back beside the strap Before I free your dark ebony hair And turn you around to kiss your lips. I will keep my mouth on the quill  As I undress you slowly. No, don't worry when I'll love you-- I'll be in front of you; enveloping you-- Letting you... Continue Reading →

A Voyage to Sink

Your body is pacific sea where the waves are your breast heaving softly. Let me sail on it and kiss the sun at the horizon on your full lips. The crescendo of our love, that the night guise in its silence, Will reach the peak shattering the nocturnal serenity When I will sink in you,... Continue Reading →


আছ তুমি সেখানেই যেখানে সন্ধ্যা নামে রাতের জন্যে আছ তুমি সেখানেই যেখানে একাকী মন কবিতাকে ডাকে আছ তুমি সেখানেই যেখানে বৃষ্টির ফোটা মেশে উষ্ণতার সাথে আছ তুমি সেখানেই যেখানে নিস্তব্ধতা গান গায় বাগেশ্রীতে... You're there where evening turning to night You're there where lorn soul beckon verselet You're there where droplet mix with warmth You're... Continue Reading →


Can you just remain back for few more minutes Can I drink the nectar few more drops from your lips Stay...please stay...I beg you... I do not want the scent of incense stick to-evening To enthrall my woken senses...I want yours... The softness that the moon spread over the monsoon sky I also denying that... Continue Reading →

The Declaration of a Lunatic

The rain whispering loudly, not like a scream or high tone though. He is sitting in front of me, mumbling wordings, careful listen reveal-- Verse from Gita speaking on evil never win; goodness defeat it by surpass. He is looking different today. Long tangled hair chopped; The beard is shaved off. The cloth he wear... Continue Reading →

One Saturday

  Pearl D'Costa sit down at her table to count the cash. It's Saturday and she keeps her Diner open thirty minutes past the eleven o'clock--Pearl's Half Hour Saturday Special her beloved and regular customers named it. But, she cannot count the cash. Her mind is vagabond from the morning after she saw the morning paper.... Continue Reading →

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