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Silently the Rain Spreads

silently the rain spreads

washing the words away

left under the whisper

left to be forgotten.

sitting on the grill

of southern windows

wet sparrow chirps

deepening quietitude

of the words not spoken yet…


Happy Birthday…

Looking for the words that I can say to you

Looking for the topic that I can listen from you.

I know it’s an exaggerating way to express

My thoughts through my poem but really I want

To say will you be mine rather want to ask.

Love not it is, solitary it is of mine that wants you

That churning out thoughts over thoughts.

Am not a guy whom you can expect to be happy always

To be one who can fulfill your dreams as you wishes.

But, one thing for sure I’ll never let you down

No, I’m not promising but giving you a chance

To judge, to thought over as you know me now a long.

Night is cold; unwelcomed November rain drizzling.

I’ve nothing to say again lots to say but for now

Happy Birthday to you…

Sangbad [11/15-16/2017]