At the Backseat of Mercedes

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Sometimes Midnight

Lieng in the dark thinking jigsaw

The swirling winding road beckoning me

It leads to some where, actually, no where except to you.

Can we remain awake tonight?

Can I just put my head on your bosom?

For the night sake can you just leave your husband?

Can you rub the norms off elders dictate?

The darkness laughs & silence join in.

I know we are together again counting stars.

Ya’aburnee [Katauta]

savoring your

presence keeping me on thine

lips as cloud shadow full moon



Title is metamorphic expressing the feeling of “miss you…” in a different light.



Can you just remain back for few more minutes

Can I drink the nectar few more drops from your lips

Stay…please stay…I beg you…

I do not want the scent of incense stick to-evening

To enthrall my woken senses…I want yours…

The softness that the moon spread over the monsoon sky

I also denying that to have the softness of your skin, breaths…

Remain…stay on me…be my querencia…