Out of The Blue

Tender was your love Tender is this solitary… Beautiful was your kisses Beautiful is this forgetting you… I’m not writing this poem- Out of the ache you’ve left- But out of the depth of the sleep- That I’ve after struggling- With self, who dictate and wanted- Not to forget you and let you go… Somber…… Continue reading     Out of The Blue


  My Dear Reader, This is a Love Poem. I had written few more ‘fore. But, not like this one. So please, it’s my ardent request to you, leave few words of yours in the comment box. Please, I’m begging your reviews on this love poem of mine. Please. Sangbad   Let me take shelter…… Continue reading Forever

S’where Away From Forever

(When) days on my end was warm and spring, (When) days on your end was cold and autumn, We met at that time, at the loin of transition period– Characterize with humid and tropical. (Though) you were aware of the fact that quietude love me,               solitary seduce me…… Continue reading S’where Away From Forever