Self Portrait as Dushyanta

How long I’m riding through this jungle I don’t know. I know only her face; I know of the moments we spent. First time I saw her beside the river. Serene, calm, composed moment was that. How much I miss her–are there’re words to speak of the ache. How long I’m riding through this jungle…… Continue reading Self Portrait as Dushyanta


The old horse neigh echoing the oldness of the alley where it was sheltered– A destitute building with ferns and mosses, grown freshly last monsoon, and now multicolored; An owner who has no one to look after him; a room he lives broken with seasonal winds and– Breeze waltzing through the broken window pane–located overlooking…… Continue reading Neigh

Thoughts 2

Last year November my blog had completed its two years. Though I haven’t been able to post on that day; and that’s all credit goes to my dear companion, my laptop. It is being with me for last six or seven years. Yeah, it’s a long time. But, this post is not for Mr.Laptop; (but)…… Continue reading Thoughts 2

Beside You [100-Word]

“Hey hon, do you remember that picture…the picture you had shown me last week at the doctor’s chamber…the one from the travel magazine…a man and a woman standing by the Lake…what was it name…the name was…” “Hush…doctor had said to be quiet…don’t stress yourself…and I do remember the picture…but, not the name of the Lake…”…… Continue reading Beside You [100-Word]

Smile [100-Word]

I opened my wallet for tenth time or eleventh–I’ve lost count; there are not much there. The rumor was true now it seems; the market crashed and many are kicked out; when I’ll be paid my salary or whether it will happen sooner, no surety of it. I had called her telling I’ll be late,…… Continue reading Smile [100-Word]