Inside the Eleven

November. Back in 2016, I had registered to WordPress to write a blog. But, like my other forgotten blog accounts this I had abandoned after writing an essay and keeping it aside not posting 'til a few weeks later. My first post here was on 27th. I'll share that poem on that day again, so let it … Continue reading Inside the Eleven


Paradox/You & Me

standing at the beginning to fall for you all over again. you, also, may, think of me. but, it'll be another timezone. --Sangbad Identity


Game is over long ago not. The leftover pawns lying Lifeless scattered on boxes. The moon full hazed by cloud Cast shadows crisscrossed. Thoughts all disintegrated. Your shape of face, Rupai, I can see I can feel As when it used to be in palms-- Of mine while our lips entwined. Game is over long … Continue reading Tonight

Chilলি Chiকেন্‌, সৌরভ Ganguly এবং Mall [Chilli Chicken, Saurav Ganguly & Mall]

If you ask me where did I had my first Chow Mien (Noodles) or Chilli Chicken or Momo...I'll reply from the local shop...actually, this what we most boys and girls will reply who have grown up in the late 90s...what a time was that... The 90s means when Celine Deon will sing "My Heart Will Goes … Continue reading Chilলি Chiকেন্‌, সৌরভ Ganguly এবং Mall [Chilli Chicken, Saurav Ganguly & Mall]