Coldness of the night middle Defining the blue silence holds. lluminating yellow of headlights Scaling the road, returning, to abode. I wrap self in scattered street lights To fathom the solitariness of mine– Amongst all others.

December Rain

The cry of the tom cat fathoming the silence Deepening by the howl of the old poor dog And zip and honk of the irregular night commute. The rain unwelcomed singing the humming Outside closed doors of my southern windows. Nothing will last forever. Even this December rain. Nothing will live forever. The wet fallen…… Continue reading December Rain


Between accepting the denial and denying the acceptance Life is moving as winter river, slowly and steadily cutting the ice. I’m aged old young soul thinking of nothingness not fullness. The swan song had been sung and its tune still the breeze hum. Revenant is the existence; warming body from flake of extinguished– Time; possession…… Continue reading Blank