Aspire and Memories

Inspired by a poem of Mirza Ghalib So many aspiration and few more many desires To stonghold them, to keep them safe in coffer That I keep safe under the words of my poems. The memoirs of memories of the bygone era Also have their own wish own desire tobe sunbathed. So many aspiration and... Continue Reading →

Monday Gu(e)st: S II: 5. The Clingy Period-Asiya

  There was a hiatus in posting the Guest Post because I was not accessing my WP from my lappy but from my cell phone. Yes, most of the posts were wrote on the cell phone and posted from there.  Here I'm with the Season 2 of my Monday Gu(e)st--a name I came up for... Continue Reading →

Dear Ma,

When I think of my childhood, my boyhood, my teen I cannot recollect memories of you in all these years is seeing you going to the office...when friends, colleagues speak of their dearest childhood memories of being with Ma I have nothing to say except "my Mom is a working mother, so, she never got... Continue Reading →


A scribble wrote when I was in Durgapur six years ago. This was somewhere between the free translation and inspired by sort of writing. And it is also incomplete one like many of the writings of mine from that period. The song was "Maa" from Taare Zameen Par (2007). I've never told you but am... Continue Reading →

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