DAMAGED MINTED HEART widow’s dreams on sale hunters awake now [Take the Bold words and joined it with title, in the beginning or in the end–your choice, to get another line, and place it as per your choice in this poem.] ON Bread Ant [Put the ON as per your choice] Note: Title itself also…… Continue reading 2


Deep in the north she stand tall, with a smirk on her lips. Short her stature but still she stand tall and smiling amongst the ashes. Standing short is easy, not the tall that too with courage. In the halls, she had danced with needle as her father watched. She had seen the pigeons fly…… Continue reading Arya

Thoughts Need to be Microwaved

Somewhere the atom has been split opened. Somewhere the police chasing the thieve on foot. Somewhere the leaves are falling. What’re are you looking at? These are the thoughts one of which is needed to pick to start. Like the leftovers from the noon and from the day before Need to be microwaved In other…… Continue reading Thoughts Need to be Microwaved

Witch and Memories

Thyself thy foe, to thy sweet self too cruel, Juliet says. She smiled to put off the mascara; eyes needs to be wrinkled. She let her hair rolled down; touching her hips; grey they are. Audry whispers now is the time that face should form another. She looked at the mirror; she smiled, softly at…… Continue reading Witch and Memories

Shallow (A Journey to Affection)

Beginning with love, we journey to affection. The dreams we hold are scattered in the breeze. The dreams we hold are scattered in the breeze That brushes our naked body entwined in each other. Entwined in each other’s arm we lie there in the pale darkness, The street-light yellow painting the wall golden. The street-light…… Continue reading Shallow (A Journey to Affection)