Breathing together are the wind with the length of the day; The warmth of the past season is transpiring as the warm Of the evening, becoming lengthy by each passing eve. The skin fair has started to be tanned where the mid-day sun Touches; the naked unguarded portion of the body. Who is there to … Continue reading April


On the slab of my southern windows they sat and chirped Telling it’s time, and we are here. They dance, they prance on the patterned grills– grabbing the attention, you can say. They chirp, they dance letting the world know– we are still here. Once, not long ago, they have disappeared just to return. They … Continue reading Sparrows


Have you seen that. The painting with two women and a man. Yes. It’s like a concert, that had been conducted once in a wealthy man chamber. Yes, it is call The Concert, some arts by a penniless painter named Vermeer. What are you doing? Taking a closer look? What do you see? That painting; … Continue reading Intruders