The Wee Hours We’re Livin’ In…

Everyone is celebrating to-day. The celebration had started when the news flashed on the National TV channels and web browsers. A moment of silence to get indulge into suddenness of the news and then a loud cheer and hurrah. Yes, the four rapists had been killed by the police. At last the soul of Doctor…… Continue reading The Wee Hours We’re Livin’ In…

Red Blue Gray: A Note from the Author’s Desk

The journey name National Novel Writing Month had ended few minutes back. I end up writing 28,529 words (including the headings). This one will be not much of a novel but big-story or novella. 30,000 words in average is needed to be consider it as the proper novella. My story is not completed one. There…… Continue reading Red Blue Gray: A Note from the Author’s Desk

Red Blue Gray: Day 30

Fifty or sixty years it would be. In these years the safe-house of the king had grown into a popular jail. The British used to send off the rebels here who are of high importance or might have some information. The village leader had grown old and his son had become renowned spy. He had…… Continue reading Red Blue Gray: Day 30

Red Blue Gray: Day 29

29 A Collection of Poems

Chapter 4 Gather around all. Today I am going to tell you the story of a prison. This one you need to hear. Come on, come on. Who wants to hear a story? Young man you seem to be much older than other. But, you remind me of someone. This story doesn’t have that one…… Continue reading Red Blue Gray: Day 29

Red Blue Gray: Day 28

Chapter 3 The Curious Case of the Mr. Cannibal Concluded? Staff Reporter Kolkata, 14th February: For last few months the city has been stricken by an unknown killer. We already know few of the cases that he was in. He used to abduct the girls who had crossed sixteen, and then after killing them, method…… Continue reading Red Blue Gray: Day 28