Actually…No Plot At All… Ep 20: Smell of Blood (VI)

Cont'd... “I have heard lot about you, Mr. Bakshi…” Mr. Malhotra said greeting the detective at his table. “I may be late…apology for that…” Bakshi said while taking the seat. “A gentleman policeman…or you just playing that game of good cop till I help you…like we have in the cinemas…” Mr. Malhotra asked lighting a... Continue Reading →


Actually…No Plot At All… Ep 18 & 19: Smell of Blood (IV & V)

Cont'd... “Sir, are you surprised to find me am not surprised by your surprise visit to my school…” Khurana asked. Bakshi was wondering on his next words as he knew there were no one who could surpass his surprise or irritation when the police or investigating officer visit him or her. And that too all... Continue Reading →


Written for 100-Word Wednesday #96 Organized by Bikurgurl... It was their anniversary and he had forgotten it. Call from his sister made him recollect that. He opened his mobile banking app and calculates the balance—there’ll be another session of chemo next week and there four more, they come with medication, fees for the hospital and... Continue Reading →

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