Padmaavat…(More Than) A Few Words

Mesmerizing and captivating. Only two words that came to my mind as the end scroll started scrolling after a few seconds of silence–in memoirs of the sacrifice by Rani and other women, it seems. After a decade in the development phase, casting, and recasting, plus, a year of protests for sake of saving our ideology Padmaavat (rechristened from…… Continue reading Padmaavat…(More Than) A Few Words

Where Are We Heading To?

< p style=”text-align:justify;”> Tomorrow we’re going to celebrate the 69th Republic Day. To some, it’s a holiday, and this year it’s an extended weekend, and to some, it’s the day of revoking the pledge of being the republic. For the latter category, though, these days you can find lots of not-interested in the basic pledge.…… Continue reading Where Are We Heading To?

Padmavati: A 21st Century Tale of Jauhar

I seldom right on the type of the topic that I’m going to write down now. Because it seems (to me) gimmick to be popular in your circle. But, this issue I want to write, I want to speak… Not long ago, in January of 2017, a film set was vandalized and its director Sanjay Leela…… Continue reading Padmavati: A 21st Century Tale of Jauhar