The old horse neigh echoing the oldness of the alley where it was sheltered-- A destitute building with ferns and mosses, grown freshly last monsoon, and now multicolored; An owner who has no one to look after him; a room he lives broken with seasonal winds and-- Breeze waltzing through the broken window pane--located overlooking... Continue Reading →

Beside You [100-Word]

"Hey hon, do you remember that picture...the picture you had shown me last week at the doctor's chamber...the one from the travel magazine...a man and a woman standing by the Lake...what was it name...the name was..." " had said to be quiet...don't stress yourself...and I do remember the picture...but, not the name of the Lake..."... Continue Reading →

Smile [100-Word]

I opened my wallet for tenth time or eleventh--I've lost count; there are not much there. The rumor was true now it seems; the market crashed and many are kicked out; when I'll be paid my salary or whether it will happen sooner, no surety of it. I had called her telling I'll be late,... Continue Reading →

Freedom or Not [100-Word]

The night was full moon as it it “would be” a century ago or few years ago, or, is it "will"...I couldn't decipher the point of the time I had looked at that transparent sign of the house--the wizard hat in the square fixed to a pole--last time…it couldn't be the future because present... Continue Reading →

At the Top of an Obelisk [A Flash Fiction]

My old man once said, standing here, and pointing in front with his gold-tipped mahogany cane, "what a city it" I had asked him, "now...what it is..." He had a mirth in his broken voice while replying, "grave...graves...those are obelisk...on the dream...dreams...of yours...of mine...of children of grandchildren..." "Excuse me...sir...Mrs. Gallyot will see you... Continue Reading →

Warmth [A Flash Fiction]

The sun will not rise today because it's cloudy from the fog, and there had been snowfall last night. I took a deep breath, the deep my heart can't take, and leave it rather cough it out. A smoke of a few seconds. Last night what had happened, was waiting to have happened. It's being... Continue Reading →

One Saturday

  Pearl D'Costa sit down at her table to count the cash. It's Saturday and she keeps her Diner open thirty minutes past the eleven o'clock--Pearl's Half Hour Saturday Special her beloved and regular customers named it. But, she cannot count the cash. Her mind is vagabond from the morning after she saw the morning paper.... Continue Reading →

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