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Confession of a Poet

the silence, the loneliness, the poems of mine all're same all're wired. Even if I try writing a love poem I'll write on the warmth the bed holds after love; I'll write dryness of mouth not the taste of lips. vacant, long, blank, they're my moxie, they're my alias. bear with me readers. I write, … Continue reading Confession of a Poet

Badtameez/ Little Suleiman

Little Suleiman draw what he see--flowers, bees, sun Little Suleiman draw of an imaginary shaks also Bearded, red eye with a gun--he knows it's AK-47 That day Little Suleiman draw what moallem asked them to draw-- Daily life...your neighborhood...your family...anything... He draw...he show...the hand that used to pat him on back slapped him... Little Suleiman draw … Continue reading Badtameez/ Little Suleiman

Guest Post #4: No Mas, Keep Calm & Carry On and Few More Poems (Cherry)

After a month break I am back with the Monday Guest Post. Today is Tuesday though, but, this week post just left me puzzled. Last 3 times it was an essay each week. This week I had to select poems from a beautiful and talented blogger friend of mine who goes by name Cherry and … Continue reading Guest Post #4: No Mas, Keep Calm & Carry On and Few More Poems (Cherry)

Song of Sacrificed Souls: Memories

The abir got washed from the hand; it was red in color. First darker, then lighter, then pale, then nothing. Have you felt the color of memory? At first, it was darker, then lighter, then paler... nothing doesn't exist... The abir doesn't exist; the colored soft dust drained away. The water though had left a filtered sprinkle on the … Continue reading Song of Sacrificed Souls: Memories