Self Portrait as Dushyanta

How long I’m riding through this jungle I don’t know. I know only her face; I know of the moments we spent. First time I saw her beside the river. Serene, calm, composed moment was that. How much I miss her–are there’re words to speak of the ache. How long I’m riding through this jungle…… Continue reading Self Portrait as Dushyanta

Fortnight Friday Fables #1: 06/23/2017

  Fortnight Friday Fables… This is a Writing Challenge organize by my dear Blogger Friend Sheetal Bharadwaj at The Glitters of Life. The rules and regulations I’m not going to repeat but will request you to click here.  Now, I’m joining her from this week. We’ll alternatively hold this challenge. Her prompt want lighter and…… Continue reading Fortnight Friday Fables #1: 06/23/2017