Rhyme of Rhyme

In search of rhyme of thoughts...


Empty Refill & Pen

words are there thoughts are not thoughts are there words are not soul protest mind in unison (but) am now powerless superhero waiting for the power to reincarnate petrichored moon light crescent hiding my pale face with darkness brontide at horizon near the 42 heard not realized listened not felt The 42 is a residential … Continue reading Empty Refill & Pen

It’s (a) Georgic Poem?

The first thing first all say. So let me say you all-- I'm not a gardener, not a farmer but a poet. I want to write that challenge me, my thoughts. But, this georgic...I can't get it...how can I... I have no interest in gardening or farming I am interested in writing and only writing. … Continue reading It’s (a) Georgic Poem?