A ‘Lone Poem

The moon of Guru Purnima silver the sky, starless dark azure A procession carrying Sai Baba picture in a palanquin– Walk down the street; the men were chanting his name The road is lazily busy as the Sunday evening is. I look at the distance sky and feel the vastness Closing my eyes & deeply…… Continue reading A ‘Lone Poem

New Haven

The blue sky with clouds is my favorite pass time. This morning it was gray–yellowish one. I look at it & felt an orphic feeling. Where’s the sky…though it was grey Where’s the clouds…though it was cloudy… The masons have arrived…started working… Brick by brick…they are fixing with cement… Splashing water to strong the bond……… Continue reading New Haven

A Song I Want to Sing

Sitting on your threshhold to sing you a song In this soft warm evening of June, my enchantress. The breeze that carry the promise of a spell of rain Is the aria that pane of your windows want to rhythm in. I want to sing a song oh my unknown temptress Will you hear me;…… Continue reading A Song I Want to Sing

Silvered Memory

The full moon light making all white The neon-halogen light street exception. An aeroplane roared through summer sky Amongst the twinkling dotted stars. Long ago, decades ago, once evening Tresspassed as the plane went far. A tiled roof house; a decayed balcony; Air smelled of jaba, nayantara, tulsi, mango Air resonating names of Krishna, 108.…… Continue reading Silvered Memory