The Holiday (Micro Thriller)

  The summer sun glistens on the water other day, but, today it’s cloudy. The MET office has predicted, according to Morning News, there’ll be a spell at late noon or early evening. Joe look around. It’s being long he has been on a journey. He has been accompany with a trainee name Rob. Rob…… Continue reading The Holiday (Micro Thriller)

When the Devil Sneeze (Micro-Thriller)

Everyone searching him everywhere. But, catching him turning out to be a matter of toil. A simpleton New York guy whose day job is to be life statue in the Time Square and waiter in a downtown bar just vanished two days ago, after stabbing his boss with a broken beer bottle. He had caught his…… Continue reading When the Devil Sneeze (Micro-Thriller)

Decorated (Micro/Flash Fiction)

  I pointing at the remnants of the meal, asked, “it was her last meal…when the gas got leaked or was leaked…” “Yes Ma’am…the gas had got leaked…” the guide replied. I smiled. They were using my death very well. I looked at the meal again.  That evening, 1994 November, when I returned to my room I…… Continue reading Decorated (Micro/Flash Fiction)