Morning Raga

Let us sit down at the bank of the dawn. It never snow in our city Kolkata; The fog thus will hide us, The dew from twilight will wet– The platform where we’ll sit. The shrouded shy sun-bathed breeze– Will sing the morning raga As we will weave silence between us. No kiss. No hand…… Continue reading Morning Raga


Between accepting the denial and denying the acceptance Life is moving as winter river, slowly and steadily cutting the ice. I’m aged old young soul thinking of nothingness not fullness. The swan song had been sung and its tune still the breeze hum. Revenant is the existence; warming body from flake of extinguished– Time; possession…… Continue reading Blank

Morning (An Untitled Poem/Poetry)

The canvas of that winter’s late dawn–the dawn that welcomes the early morning, When the birds are little tired after its session of morning chore, When insomniac, might and often, leave sigh and said another night passed, When another few of the city woke up, the joggers and walkers and chaiwallah,  Was colored with the hue of…… Continue reading Morning (An Untitled Poem/Poetry)