A Triptych of Romance

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The Act The young Captain stands straight,  his head held high,– As enemy marched forward in rapid fast way towards the camp of his company. He gave the war cry “Bharat Mata ki jai“; the small troupe of forty joined in unison– Sending chill down the spine in many…

Episode 1: Chapter-1

  It was mid-April morning, a couple of days after the Naboborsho (Bengali New Year), the Mitra family, renting at the first floor of Bhattacharjee brothers’ three-storey building, was busy more than usual, more than other days. The young morning sun was falling on the big king-size bed. The reflected light from the yellow-white mixed floral…… Continue reading Episode 1: Chapter-1

Thoughts of Words

We were never closer, as we are now.

We were never so much forgetful of each other, as we are now.

I want to walk away to another direction, another time–if possible

But I ended over travelling to the time we spent together.

Your memoirs seems to be always linger with me–

Is it how a spirit haunted an individual?

Though it’s being long, still your memories are prominent.

Your kisses, your smile, your pampering words–

It’s being long, and now will be not for forever,

I still hope for you, for your return.

Though it’s being long, I’m trying to get off–

All that are with you, and, I know it’ll not easier–

But, possible. Though it’s being long,

Your passing I anticipating…

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Submitting this previously posted angsty poem (01/30/2017) in response to  Come Guest Post For Me! by The Original Phoenix (CONFESSIONS OF A…

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Discovery of A Manuscript & Its First Few Lines

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15th January, ’17 2:00 AM I’m struggling with a writer block for last seven days. Words and thoughts are just getting juxtaposed with each other creating a mess and increasing, in consequence, my suffering for not-writing. I was skimming through my old manuscripts which are assembled in a folder…