Ya’aburnee [Katauta]

savoring your presence keeping me on thine lips as cloud shadow full moon –xx– https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/savor/ ————————————————————— Title is metamorphic expressing the feeling of “miss you…” in a different light. ————————————————————–

Once: Episode 7: Chapter 2 (4)

Cont’d… “How old did you become today…”  Anushka asked while taking out a rectangular steel Tiffin box. “New box…what is there…” He snatched the box. “Can I join you…” it was Elena. “Yes…you can…” Saibal replied. “Sangbad, let me open it for you…it’s a surp–” Anushka couldn’t complete her sentence. “Cake…” Sangbad shouted in astonishment,…

Once: Episode 5: Chapter 2(2)

  Recap: Two years had passed. Sangbad and his friends–Anushka, Priyotosh, and Saibal were studying at Class Seven. 

Episode 4: Chapter 2 (1)

Recap: Sangbad was admitted to the local school Silver Star. There he befriended  Priyotosh, Saibal, and Anushka on the first day.  ~~2002~~ It was an April morning. The small iron gate of Bhattacharjee brothers’ three-store building flung open as Sangbad jumped on the road. He’s now a thirteenth years old boy. In last two years,…