Ya’aburnee [Katauta]

savoring your presence keeping me on thine lips as cloud shadow full moon --xx-- https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/savor/ --------------------------------------------------------------- Title is metamorphic expressing the feeling of "miss you..." in a different light. --------------------------------------------------------------

Once: Episode 7: Chapter 2 (4)

Cont'd... “How old did you become today…”  Anushka asked while taking out a rectangular steel Tiffin box. “New box…what is there…” He snatched the box. “Can I join you…” it was Elena. “Yes…you can…” Saibal replied. “Sangbad, let me open it for you...it’s a surp--” Anushka couldn’t complete her sentence. “Cake…” Sangbad shouted in astonishment,... Continue Reading →

Once: Episode 6: Chapter 2(3)

Recap: Sangbad and Anushka were fighting over rasogolla when they got interrupted by a female voice.  Sangbad turned his head in disturbance being getting interrupted. Anushka also seems to be disturbed. It was Saibal who spoke first; in his frail voice he asked “yes…” The girl, as it seems to Sangbad, was much older than them.... Continue Reading →

Once: Episode 5: Chapter 2(2)

  Recap: Two years had passed. Sangbad and his friends--Anushka, Priyotosh, and Saibal were studying at Class Seven.  The Class Seven at which Sangbad was then was the smallest room opposite the storage room. "What're you doing..." Anushka chirped before snatching her bag from Sangbad's hand. The prayer was over. The first period would be... Continue Reading →

Episode 4: Chapter 2 (1)

Recap: Sangbad was admitted to the local school Silver Star. There he befriended  Priyotosh, Saibal, and Anushka on the first day.  ~~2002~~ It was an April morning. The small iron gate of Bhattacharjee brothers’ three-store building flung open as Sangbad jumped on the road. He’s now a thirteenth years old boy. In last two years,... Continue Reading →

Episode 3: Chapter 1 (3)

Recap: Sangbad had entered the school. He was getting accustomed to his new school.   As the Dipanwita ran with him in tow, Sangbad got the answer to his thought. She was actually checking out in the way whether a’one had been left out or just loitering around. He found the group of student he... Continue Reading →

Episode 2: Chapter 1 (2)

Recap: Sangbad had been admitted to a new school. He journeyed to the school with his elder sister.     Sangbad entered the school and found to be lost. The new faces of students, teachers, and staffs made him felt to cry. But, Didi says, boys don't cry. So, he felt he should scream aloud.... Continue Reading →

Episode 1: Chapter-1

  It was mid-April morning, a couple of days after the Naboborsho (Bengali New Year), the Mitra family, renting at the first floor of Bhattacharjee brothers' three-storey building, was busy more than usual, more than other days. The young morning sun was falling on the big king-size bed. The reflected light from the yellow-white mixed floral... Continue Reading →

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