Incomplete Forever

  The eve of Sunday moving slowly towards the night. The Azaan from a distance can be heard as the sound of a passing train. The mind is in search of a thought that it can muse,-- while, the soul is in the mood of sitting back and enjoy the eve. There is a serenity, there is quietude,... Continue Reading →

Morning (An Untitled Poem/Poetry)

The canvas of that winter's late dawn--the dawn that welcomes the early morning, When the birds are little tired after its session of morning chore, When insomniac, might and often, leave sigh and said another night passed, When another few of the city woke up, the joggers and walkers and chaiwallah,  Was colored with the hue of... Continue Reading →


  We laugh, We smile. Our eyes get fill with water at their every action. The stress or mundane or whatever the condition Our mind is in, they drain them out in a moment. Whose tears they're hiding? Whose seriousness they're hiding? Their or us?   Daily Prompt: Seriousness 

Cher Ami…

The days were long, merry and gay. No blue. Only the vibrant happiness. Shadow of those (each) days was now that we all have to cuddle on, to cry on. My friend, long time haven't heard from you; long time hasn't met. How're you, my friend...What you are up to now...Did you get married or... Continue Reading →

Realization of An Athazagoraphobia Mind

Daily Prompt: Replacement Replacement...I wrote the word, after, finding self at loss. Nothing comes to mind, nothing come to soul. Words, though, get replaced by something else-- As thoughts were; they got replaced by another one-- Roaming like a vagabond from idea to idea, jumping from-- One genre to another, from dark to light, and, light... Continue Reading →

2 Poems: Memories

  Daily Prompt: Ten   --1--   (12)...Listen, I want to... (11)...What're you mumbling... (10)...We know each other... (09)...Say louder...I can't... (08)...I want to say... (07)...Raise your voice...come close (06)...I want...actually I (05)...Oh god...speak loudly... (04)...I scrape the words I want to say (03)...And pulled her to me (02)...My lips submitted to her pout ones (01)...A... Continue Reading →

Out of The Blue: An Incomplete Portrait

JusJoJan Daily Prompt: Elusive   A shroud of elusive thoughts started shrouding me that morning, out of the blue. I, at first, didn't pay attention to it 'cause I was basking in the young morning light-- Reading Unaccustomed Earth, sitting at my favorite cozy space on my sofa. Patterns of the floral window frame was casting an... Continue Reading →

2 Poems: Successful

Daily Prompt: Successful -1- Song of A (Setting) Spring Eve The setting sun of the late-March was shining on the equestrian Lord Outram.*1 She looked at him, he looked at her; they both were nervous looking around-- Couples sitting side by side, kissing, hugging and holding each other. The feat of successful was there, everywhere. The... Continue Reading →

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