The Sparrow & A Fable

Free-translation of one of my Bengali Poems


Free-translation of my Bengali Poem–মুখচোরা রূপকথা

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Sometimes Midnight

Lieng in the dark thinking jigsaw

The swirling winding road beckoning me

It leads to some where, actually, no where except to you.

Can we remain awake tonight?

Can I just put my head on your bosom?

For the night sake can you just leave your husband?

Can you rub the norms off elders dictate?

The darkness laughs & silence join in.

I know we are together again counting stars.

A Story: Episode 5

These nights like tonight I’m awake…my eyes are itching to sleep but I know I’ll not be able to sleep; it feels like the silence of the emptiness choking me out…I right now wants to call you and asked you the reason for not thinking of calling me or reason for not giving our relationship a chance… Continue reading “A Story: Episode 5”