To You, To Neverland

The whisper the wind that left behind Will take me where? The tired calmness of end January cold Bringing out the path that’s hazy now. Breeze not the loneliness making up environ Of solitary imposed, convicted loneliness. It’s now hard to remember her face as I was thinking But, no, the coffer is open and…… Continue reading To You, To Neverland

When I Know

How far I go From you I return to you Rather dragged Suddenly all of. Does this happens to you Moment questioned ’cause I know you don’t. Sangbad 01/15/2018

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One New Year…

One New Year you had promised we’ll together. You had made the forever believable and not just a fairytale drawing line. One New Year you had kissed me with promises. Promises are not fake and they are not meant to be broken, you made me believe. One New Year everything was fine and serene. We…… Continue reading One New Year…

Chime of Psithuarism

Looking at me, you smiled; The December wind rustled The quietitude of the twelve am. The psithuarism of my destruction Chimed in the mess we had created. -*- Sangbad 12/19/2017

ঠিকানাহীনের পারে

নিয়ে যেতে চাও যতদূর যাব ততদূর। ঠিকানা হারিয়ে আমরা দু’জন হাঁটবো মিলিয়ে খামখেয়ালী ইচ্ছে আমাদের আরেকবার ধূসর রঙের। তুমি কাকে ভালোবাস বা আমি কাকে থাক না উহ্য, হোক না তা নিস্তব্ধতার প্রতীক আজ রাতে। আজ রাতে আমরা ঘুমবো না, কথাও বলবোনা শুধু থাকবে উষ্ণতা অনেক দিনের জমা। সংবাদ ১৬/১২/১৭