Broken Rhythm

The silver of the full moon humming The placid that the stars are singing-- A forgotten rhythm of the blankness, That've born out of the beat of time, (And) the broken incomplete chime (Because) of the thoughts nameless.


  Om Manipadme hum. The hollowness that I sit, in chair pose, in like an old ascetic, young in age but old in the mind is like the curtain of the room. The bidding spring breeze waltzing with it composing the game of light & dark; putting up on the easel of this moment the canvas... Continue Reading →

Imagination or…

As I lie on the age old bed drowning in darkness I feel I need to grasp a whole lot of the air. Breeze is trespassing pushing the curtain Bringing the yellowed halogened spring Evening & splashing it on the chiaroscuro wall. This is not the autumn I look for this's 'nother spring. As I... Continue Reading →


Promise On sale in this eve bazaar Me A beggar looking for silence Promise I am scared of and nothing else Enroll

The Morning That Was Serene & Melancholy

On 27th November 2016, I had posted my first poem here ( the second one was written). On the anniversary evening, re-posting it for my existing as well as new followers.  It was a beautiful journey I will say. Thanks to all especially Meenakshidi (Sethi), Sushmitadi (Mukherjee) [who is missing for last few months], and also to Gina... Continue Reading →

Aspire and Memories

Inspired by a poem of Mirza Ghalib So many aspiration and few more many desires To stonghold them, to keep them safe in coffer That I keep safe under the words of my poems. The memoirs of memories of the bygone era Also have their own wish own desire tobe sunbathed. So many aspiration and... Continue Reading →

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