December Rain

The cry of the tom cat fathoming the silence Deepening by the howl of the old poor dog And zip and honk of the irregular night commute. The rain unwelcomed singing the humming Outside closed doors of my southern windows. Nothing will last forever. Even this December rain. Nothing will live forever. The wet fallen … Continue reading December Rain


Echo of What’s

(What's there) 'ween existence & existence of existence; Time imitating time to create a new time Or day rotating to conceive to-day, tomorrow, yester-day. (What's there) 'ween this moment, and next moment phoenexed from it Creation of creation of illusion or our wish visualized Or cycle of cycle of all surroundings & happenings around us... … Continue reading Echo of What’s

Ghost of My Father

Don't read only or like please comment on this poem of mine a take on daily life. November month it is; no shaving month. The noble cause has hidden long ago beyond gimmick. I remain clean shaven; no moustache no beard, But, this year I thought to be unshaven. Yes, I grown a beard, but, … Continue reading Ghost of My Father