Camouflage (52-Word & 6-Sentence Science Fiction)

She wants to look around, but, she cannot. She is undercover. He had put on her a long coat and trousers with a backpack like human women carries. Everything brightened up round her. He took her up; thrust a wire through the loop of the needle in her hand. These photographers…she whine. Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo…… Continue reading Camouflage (52-Word & 6-Sentence Science Fiction)

Birthday Gift

  Happy birthday…little sunshine…my new mother greeted me. Really… it happening… A lean smiling face boy comes forward. He’s your brother…she’s your sister…aunty, no mother, I corrected self in mind, introduces us to each other. Yes, it’s my first birthday in fourth years of her until now life. Sacha Black’s Writespiration#106 52 Weeks in 52 Words Week 10 prompt The…… Continue reading Birthday Gift

The (Un)Deliver Message

  She looked at her sleeping husband. He doesn’t look peaceful like him at all. She brushed her belly gently and said softly am going to be a mother…can you listen to me…A forgotten face with hazelnut colored eyes flashed in her mind. This was the only dream they, rather, he adores most. Dedicated to Her Originally…… Continue reading The (Un)Deliver Message