At Thirty-One…

With a cigarette on the mouth, you dreamed of the world to be under your feet. Hsuan-tsang, Magellan, Livingstone, Colonel Suresh Biswas used to be there in your mind. The world, the journey, the unknowns used to attract you more than the tender loves and the addictions that your friends used to be submerged in.…… Continue reading At Thirty-One…

The Crow on the Railing

When I was kid at the school I saw, one day, a body wrapped in woolen rug Lying by the side of the road just down the bridge where I used to take turn to my home. There was a body we, me and my friends, know very well. But, we don’t know what would…… Continue reading The Crow on the Railing

I Found in the Narrow Wooden Chest (‘fore Carpenter Taken It Away)

(In the bottom drawer,) The saucepan, burnt and without a handle, medium in size. The age old muffler, brown, belonging to my father, I never came to know. The winter clothes, sweaters and woolen shirts and t-shirts, those I’ll never wear again. The kantha or baby-wrapping clothes made from an old sharee of Ma; belonging…… Continue reading I Found in the Narrow Wooden Chest (‘fore Carpenter Taken It Away)

Search of Homecoming Song

Where do I belong, I asked self as I look into the darkness between the stars. The stars are there; dead long ago, but, still they are alive, shining at eve horizon. Wherefrom do my voice sound, or, is it really my voice that I heard, that others listen. Where do I belong, I asked…… Continue reading Search of Homecoming Song

Those Years

Nothing to ask for except the memories of the time I have spend with my father. First five years of my life. I do not remember him, I couldn’t recollect him. He’s just the framed photograph of a man Resembling him is me, his son; He’s just the mythological character whom people talk of, recollect…… Continue reading Those Years