A Lunatic Hit by a Car

In the pool of blood lies the Finger—decapitated and snatched From its owner’s hand. Whose finger was that? Every one knew nothing of the man; Every one knows something of the man. Lonely and singular finger was thumb; The nail of whose has been uprooted And now there a fly flies Shading its hazed shadow…… Continue reading A Lunatic Hit by a Car


The old horse neigh echoing the oldness of the alley where it was sheltered– A destitute building with ferns and mosses, grown freshly last monsoon, and now multicolored; An owner who has no one to look after him; a room he lives broken with seasonal winds and– Breeze waltzing through the broken window pane–located overlooking…… Continue reading Neigh

Chitrangada: An Eulogy

To Rituparno Ghosh (31st August 1963–30th May 2013) The rainbow that was obscured hazed can be seen as high and bright. The words that were condemned that were bricked and strangled– Are now free; flying high on the gray sky; the sun will be there– Soon not later. How are you? Are you seeing this?…… Continue reading Chitrangada: An Eulogy

Broken Rhythm

The silver of the full moon humming The placid that the stars are singing– A forgotten rhythm of the blankness, That’ve born out of the beat of time, (And) the broken incomplete chime (Because) of the thoughts nameless.