A Lunatic Hit by a Car

In the pool of blood lies the Finger—decapitated and snatched From its owner’s hand. Whose finger was that? Every one knew nothing of the man; Every one knows something of the man. Lonely and singular finger was thumb; The nail of whose has been uprooted And now there a fly flies Shading its hazed shadow…… Continue reading A Lunatic Hit by a Car

An Award Function Affair

For Bikurgurl’s 100 Word Wednesday#90…. Everyone’s looking for and calling him. Mr. Rao is silent; sometimes he’s joining others, but, with disinterest—that’ll be only detected by him. He knows he prefers getaway from all these humdrum and microphoned-chaos and boasting and cuddling. “Rao, where is Joe?”Mr. Das Gupta comes up with disturbance. Rao now stirred.…… Continue reading An Award Function Affair


  There shall be something, right… There need to be something, right… But, where is or does this “something” lies or can be found… The reply will be just silence–a pregnant pause one, that makes us step back, and delve into the brown thoughts… Silence actually is what…you, me sitting face to face and opting…… Continue reading Thoughts–I

Tu Kaun Hai

tu kaun hai? yeh rooh, yeh jism, yeh saansein tu hi haina ya phir koi aur hai… uthe ek kadam toh aur ek kadam- intezaar mein rahe tha hain take pehla walaka parchai use chu na sake… tu kaun hai? yeh haasi, yeh muskurahat, yes ansu tu hi to hai na- yeah phir naqaab, ek…… Continue reading Tu Kaun Hai