A Lunatic Hit by a Car

In the pool of blood lies the Finger—decapitated and snatched From its owner’s hand. Whose finger was that? Every one knew nothing of the man; Every one knows something of the man. Lonely and singular finger was thumb; The nail of whose has been uprooted And now there a fly flies Shading its hazed shadow…… Continue reading A Lunatic Hit by a Car


The old horse neigh echoing the oldness of the alley where it was sheltered– A destitute building with ferns and mosses, grown freshly last monsoon, and now multicolored; An owner who has no one to look after him; a room he lives broken with seasonal winds and– Breeze waltzing through the broken window pane–located overlooking…… Continue reading Neigh


Today someone may present his resignation to enjoy his life fullest. Some lady today may stand up against the oppression against her. Some loving couple might flee to enjoy their life together from now. There might be rain in the evening, but, the morning clouded sunny The noon should be like this like a trailer…… Continue reading Mean(the)while…

নতুন প্রেম/New Love

হাওয়ায় মিশছে হলুদ পাতা (গাছেদের) নতুন প্রেমের গল্পর শুরু হবে কিনা সময় জানে শহর এখন ব্যস্ত, নতুন ঋতুর জন্য, হেমন্তের রোদ্দুরে সাজছে সে, তার জন্যে। Yellow leaves has mixed with breeze New love will bloom or not Time knows that. City is busy, for new season, In autumnal sun getting decorated, For that.


Mist shrouded halogen lights City coming to static pacific. Another city underneath whispers– Life conceived and nurtured here. Another city glossier (than former) Remain awake sipping the luxury– From the chalice they call life. Mirror never lie except at this– High storied reflects dark. Another mock another Lives imitates lives. Sangbad Gratitude