Breathing together are the wind with the length of the day; The warmth of the past season is transpiring as the warm Of the evening, becoming lengthy by each passing eve. The skin fair has started to be tanned where the mid-day sun Touches; the naked unguarded portion of the body. Who is there to…… Continue reading April

Into the Kalbaisakhi

Dida used to say the sky is performing deyala. The clouds formed up in the corner of the sky, and the wind breath like last breathe, Naturally unnaturally the darkness descend bringing the night in early, when there should be sun on the crescendo at the city summer sky (or) when the sun is getting…… Continue reading Into the Kalbaisakhi

December Rain

The cry of the tom cat fathoming the silence Deepening by the howl of the old poor dog And zip and honk of the irregular night commute. The rain unwelcomed singing the humming Outside closed doors of my southern windows. Nothing will last forever. Even this December rain. Nothing will live forever. The wet fallen…… Continue reading December Rain