Tomorrow: An Acrostic


No more post today, I said myself…but, s’one just asked why…there shouldn’t be no post–I shouted at self…but, that s’one just laughed at me…and soon I found, am writing…in a peculiar way, writing each first letter at the beginning and then filling the gap…another poem born…and it’s an acrostic one…

Remember tomorrow is another day

Every second will be bringing surprise

Man you just need to be spontaneous

Every moment need to be enjoy

Man you just need to be yourself

Because the each and

Every moment you enjoy, you

Recognize “you” better than you-at-the-moment…

In response to Daily Prompt: Recognize

4 responses to “Tomorrow: An Acrostic”

  1. I like these acrostics, good series, Sangbad! Intriguing photo, too!

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  2. Innovative and in an excellent way👍

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