The First Night of Four



Is she asleep…


It’s past nine…tell her a tale or story or just sing softly…she said in one breath and disconnect the call ‘fore I could respond.

She was looking at me. I looked around. Tale or story or song... The dragon grab my attention. I took her up in my lap and, while, rocking her and pacing round the room I begin a story amalgamating Daenerys Targaryen and her three dragons with Hiccup and Toothless. To save the marriage I’ve to babysit my nine months old daughter cancelling all my meetings today and next three days.



For Sunday Photo Fiction by The Writer’s Life



For Daily Prompt (2-24-2017): Baby

4 responses to “The First Night of Four”

  1. you’ll enjoy baby siting your daughter more then attending meetings

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    1. I’m still unmarried…enjoying my Bachelor’s Life George at fullest…

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      1. enjoy it while you can…

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