The Other Me (Haiku/Senryu)


what you see is true

and not it is another

me at the moment

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Writing Prompt #202 “It’s All In The Title” 

8 responses to “The Other Me (Haiku/Senryu)”

    1. Thank you…there’s another…a free verse for NaPoWriMo will like to read your thoughts on that…

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      1. Thanks will read it sure


  1. First a hearty welcome! What a delight it is to have you with us.

    Cleverly crafted haiku. There are so many facets to the individual the truth is continuously being expanded as more and more of those facets surface. Sometimes it can seem like we are meeting an entirely different person when in reality it is only our expectations/margins that are too narrow to contain the entirety of their truth.


    1. Thanks for reading my haiku and writing such an encouraging detailed review…yes the haiku convey this thought subtly…

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      1. You are most welcome and deserving

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