When the “Love” Linger [Flash Fiction]

After a while written a flash fiction. And submitting it for my dear friend Bikurgurl 100 Word Wednesday #42.

The dawn light penetrating through the verdant surrounding. She wrap her blanket tightly by her elbow.

She may seem calm and composed, but, underneath not. She had this doubt which is now confirmed.

How will he react, the first thought she had.

She had been playing the role of perfect wife. Had…she heard a scoff inside. Still she playing the role. Even last night.

A droplet roll down. She is pregnant, a good news. But, when he will hear this…

She knows he’s fighting already to prove he’s happy w’out her; but her motherhood

She sigh and breath more tears.

Image Credit: Heather Sanders


5 responses to “When the “Love” Linger [Flash Fiction]”

  1. After a long time😊 loved your take👍


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  3. So much said in few words….deep emotions presented beautifully

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    1. You said then it is…

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