Translated from an Urdu poem by Gulzar. I aspire to learn Urdu one day.

I have become the stranger in my home, after return.

My soul was shaken after looking at me here.

Desire to be scared is hiding in the dark

Intensity of grief turned out light of face mine;

The zeal is what I couldn’t recognize;

Wish has died keeping its head on the threshold.

From the home I had traversed to discover which country

That I have become a stranger again here after returning…

The original poem:

Main Apne Ghar Mein Hi Ajnabi Ho Gaya Hoon Aa Kar
Mujhe Yahaan Dekh Kar Meri Rooh Dar Gai Hai
Saham Ke Sab Aarzuen Konon Men Jaa Chhupi Hain
Laven Bujhaa Di Hain Apne Chehron Ki, Hasraton Ne
Ki Shauq Pahchaanta Hi Nahin
Muraaden Dahleez Hi Pe Sar Rakh Ke Mar Gai Hain
Main Kis Vatan Ki Talaash Men Yoon Chalaa Thaa Ghar Se
Ki Apne Ghar Men Bhi Ajnabi Ho Gayaa Hoon Aa Kar

National Poem Writing Month Day 5

6 responses to “Stranger”

  1. this is an ancient language and the translation in English evokes a longing to belong even in one’s hometown. beautiful share


  2. Loved the Urdu version. Thanks for sharing !!


    1. Not to mention…

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  3. Sorry, just read your post and realised its Gulzar. Thanks.


    1. It’s okay…😎

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The Urdu poem you’ve chosen is beautiful and perfectly goes with the picture. I’m not much of a Urdu poetry reader but your poem has tempted me to read Urdu poetry. Who is the poet?


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