Essenced Justice

Essenced Justice


National Poem Writing Month 2018 Finale: Today,

write a poem that engages with a strange and fascinating fact.

Original Poem: Gandho Bichaar (গন্ধ বিচার) by Sukumar Ray (1887-1923)

The king took his seat; the conch the bells hit the crescendo

Creating in the heart of the old minister fidgeting quake blow.

Ask the king, “why there’s odor, my dear minister, on your dress?”

Replied the minister “it’s the essence, there is no need to be in distress.”

King said, “call the doctor; whether it’s a distress or not, let him decide.”

Doctor says, “there’s this heavy cold in the nose, inside.”

King shouts, “call him, Narayan Patra, at this moment now.”

Patra presents, “has taken a pinch of snuff right now

snuff has closed the nose, where through will the odor will enter now.”

King ordered, “Chief, come forward, have the sniff.”

Chief says, “have the beetle leaf with camphor as its masala

the dosage of its clouded the mind with its aura.”

King ordered, “come forward Mightiest Wrestler Bhimsingh.”

Bhimsingh presents, “today I am feeling little swooning

last night there was a fever I, My Majesty, saying the truth”

And he fell down on the floor closing his eyes with a thud.

Chandraketu, king’s brother-in-law, in the end called at once

Says the king “you give, my Brother, a try at least once.”

Chandra rebuked, “if you want to kill me call the executioner

have to die, what a demand, after smelling an odor.”

The old judge was there, ninety is his age, ruminate,

“have to die one day why to wait…”

The old man gathering his gut speaks out “you all are liars

I can sniff it if I’m permitted with the promise handsomely rewar’.”

King says, “one-thousand rupees I’ll gift at the moment you sniff.”

Listening to this the old judge rise shaking his age-old stiff.

He sniffed, he smelled, he inhales so many smells

But, still, he breath making everyone mute and pale.

Cheer spread throughout the ‘dom; conch, trumpet, bell blows

How sturdy the old man is, breathing through his strong nose.






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